3 Black Women Who Write Books About Black Love

I don’t always read romance but when I do I love to read character driven romances that make me feel good inside. I’ve probably read every single book by all three of these authors because there’s just something great about their work.

Nia Forrester

Nia is by far one of my favorite authors period. I really like how her books focus on the character’s relationship with themselves and with those around them. She has at least one book that focuses on an interracial couple but most of her books feature two black characters. My favorite books by Nia are Commitment, The Fall (which focuses on one of the character’s in Commitment’s mother), and In The Nothing (which ended up being my favorite of all the books she’s written so far).

Christina C. Jones

Christina is probably the first author I stumbled on when I started reading romance books last year. She is one of my buy immediately authors. I don’t need a sample, I don’t need to read the blurb, nothing. I’m buying Christina’s books on sight. She’s written over 20 books and they are all great. I like that Christina’s characters seem like people we’d actually know in real life. She writes contemporary books so expect slang, Instagram references, and black women who… actually act like black women. I love Getting Schooled (one of her most popular books), The Truth: His Side, Her Side, and The Truth About Falling in Love, and Ante Up (which is a little dark and different from her usual books).

Christina has a blog dedicated to black romance authors called Girl Have You Read so make sure to check that out if you love black romance.

Jacinta Howard

I like Jacinta’s low key writing style. Her books are a good read. I have to admit that I’m always annoyed by one of her characters but they usually have a reason for behaving the way that they do. She often writes tortured characters trying to get past something and have a happier life. I like Happiness In Jersey, Blind Expectations, and Better Than Ok.

Who are you favorite black women romance authors?

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