Hi all!

I decided to create this site because I’m constantly looking for books by black women and if I’m searching there are probably a ton of other women doing the same. I’ve compiled my own list over the years and I’m constantly adding to this site every week so there will always be something new.

I’m doing this by myself so if you see something that fell through the cracks (a book that shouldn’t be there, typo, etc) please let me know.

Sometimes I use affiliate links which helps with the time it takes me to set this site up, add books, etc. I won’t make a commission every single time you purchase a book you found on this site but sometimes I will so using my links helps me out a lot.

If you’re a black woman who has written books or you have books you’d like to see added to this site feel free to add them to this list and I’ll get them up on the site as soon as I can.

Oh, and yes, I’m a black woman. You can click my name to see my Twitter account.


Candice V.